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Tissue Paper Pom Pom Tutorial

I have been busy again putting a tutorial together for the latest issue of Kidz on the Coast magazine. And I am hoping you will love this one as much as the last one.

Tools and Materials
•       Tissue paper in desired colours (8-10 sheets per pom pom. You can pick up a pack for around $1 from most discount stores)
•       24 gauge florist’s wire or jewellery making wire (any thin gauge wire will do the trick)
•       Sharp scissors
•       Cotton or fishing line
You can pick up all of the above at most discount stores for a few dollars.
These gorgeous flower like pom poms hang from the ceiling and appear to float in the air. They are really elegant, cost effective decorations to add that special touch to your next event or party. They are a favourite of mine, and a cinch to make so you will want to make them for every occasion.
Open your pack of tissue paper. I am working with 10 sheets of 660x500mm tissue paper. Lay it flat on the table or flat surface and make accordion folds about 4 or 5cm wide, creasing each fold as you go until the entire sheets are folded. Finished size should be 50cm x 5cm roughly.
Step 1 – Fold the tissue paper

Cut a piece of florist’s wire roughly 45cm long. This measurement doesn’t have to be exact as long as it is long enough to wrap around the tissue paper. Fold the florist’s wire in half and slip over the centre of the folded tissue paper and twist so it holds in place. I make another twist at the end of the florist’s wire to make a loop to hang the pom poms from.
Step 2 – Wrap wire around the tissue paper

Trim both ends of the tissue paper either rounded or pointy. These will be the shapes of the petals. I’m quite partial to the pointy ends as shown in the picture.
Step 3 – Trim the ends
Separate the layers, pulling away from the centre one layer at a time. The paper is delicate so you need to ease it up gently otherwise the paper will tear. I do 5 sheets on either side pulling up then turn over and repeat in the other direction until you have the pom pom shape.
Step 4 – Separate the layers
Attach the fishing line or cotton and hang from the ceiling and voila. Tissue paper pom poms are best hung in odd numbers i.e. 3, 5 etc. I generally use 3 over a buffet or desert table in varying shades of one colour or similar colour ways. Sit back and enjoy. You will definitely get lots of comments from these decorations at your next party and they won’t believe you made them yourself.
Step 5 – Attach cotton and hang from ceiling
I hope you enjoy making them for your next get together.

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