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Handmade Decorations

If you love a good party like I do then you will know how excited I got when a friend asked me to make her son’s baptism cake. I don’t love the whole baking part so much as I find it so stressful, (I’d never make a good baker. Lol). But I love decorating. So instead of just doing the cake I asked if I could do a dessert buffet complete with handmade decorations.

The party decorations were made from paint swatches that you can grab from a paint or hardware store, pom pom trim and fabric. The kids frame art, name bunting, and circle bunting were all made from the paint swatches. I did a tutorial for Shop Contemporary Handmade on Friday on how I created the Paint Swatch Kids Art.

The cake was a blue ombre layered cake with a handmade banner on top and I used fabric and pom pom trim to decorate the milk bottles and cookie jar. The cake was my starting point and the inspiration behind the whole dessert table and decorations. Paint swatch decorations are quick, simple and super easy.

It was only a small family occasion so I didn’t want to go over the top with treats so I opted to do a 4ft dessert table with just a few tasty treats. I made the cupcakes and caramel tarts and bought the rest from the bakery section at Coles. ¬†Everyone loves a good dessert buffet. Hmmmmm.






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