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rachelle rachelle is a contemporary children’s clothing label created by Australian designer/crafter and mother of two Rachelle Stewart. I love fashion. I love design. And I love kids, especially mine. Bring these elements all together and you get fashion forward pieces that are fun to wear and easy to play in for children from 6-9 months to 5-6 years.

As an independent designer I create each piece in my studio ensuring high quality and craftmanship goes in to every piece.

rachelle rachelle is all about BIG style for little people and aim to dress your little ones in the latest kids fashion, with key looks each seasons influenced from the latest trends on the catwalks.

Think chic, contemporary and classic all rolled in to one and you will find our style. I love playing with colour and patterns to create something special your kids will love to wear and that will be comfortable to play in.

As a mother of two I take inspiration from my every day life and as they grow so does our range. I use quality designer 100% cotton fabric and yarns and only a handful of each design are made so you know your child will be stepping out in style in something unique and exclusive.

Everything is handmade in my studio on the Central Coast. And care is taken to bring you the best handcrafted product possible.