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Cake Topper Tutorial

Cake Topper Tutorial

Tools and Materials
    • Scrapbooking card or paper in coordinating colours


    • Lollipop sticks/toothpicks
    • Punches (I’ve used 2” scalloped punch and 1.5” circle punch)
    • Double sided tape
    • Sticky tape or hot glue gun
    • A4 paper (for printer)
    • Computer and Colour Printer
    • Cupcakes (ours were supplied by NyrakGreen Cakes. You can find them on facebook


You can pick up most of the craft supplies from your local craft stores.
Some of my favourite party decorations at the moment are cupcake toppers. They are so cute and you can be personalised for any occasion. You don’t need to be a scrapbooker or a crafty type to make these. With a few simple tools you will have your gorgeous cupcake toppers done in no time.

Step 1:
Visit your local craft store and pick up a couple of craft punches, they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and you can use any shape you like. While you are there check out their range of scrapbooking paper and card and get colours to match your theme along with some double sided tape. I have only used circle and scallops punches, but you can use any punch you like for this project.

Step 2:
Take your scrapbooking paper and cut out your scalloped circles with the large punch, I used 4 different papers in coordinating colours. Punch out as many as you would like to make.

Step 3:
For your smaller punch you want to create 1.5” circles (or what ever size your smaller punch is) in a document of your choice, place the wording or pictures you would like to use inside the circle and print with the circle outlined so you can easily see to cut them out with your punch. I like the upside down punches so you can see what you are cutting out. To make it easier for you, you can download the template I have used at I have left some of the circles blank so you can personalise them yourself.


Step 4
Grab your double sided tape and stick the scalloped circle and round circles together making sure they are centered.
Step 5
Now glue or sticky tape the lollipop sticks to the back of the circles.
Step 6
Your cupcake toppers are now ready to be embellished or pop straight in to your cupcakes and enjoy.


Here are some other examples, of how else you can use your punches

Example 1



Example 2
Example 3


Note: Remember that the cupcake toppers are NOT toys and should be monitored around small children.

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